Personal Development Strategist

Commonly referred to as Bishop because of his uncanny knack for connecting with people on a spiritual level, Keith Veney has quietly become a driving force within the basketball industry. After leaving his mark on the college game, playing professionally for 5 years, acquiring business knowledge as a Nike sports marketing executive and founding his own player development company (Shot Doc Nation), Veney has established a solid foundation to expand globally with the Keith Veney Leadership Academy.

His passion for basketball instruction within the amateur and professional ranks is only surpassed by a desire to effectively prepare the next generation of global citizens. Veney's mission has become grooming young men and women of character, who utilize the game of basketball as a springboard to fulfilling their life purpose. More than a player, trainer or marketer, he has successfully transitioned to the coveted roles of Counselor, Advisor and Mentor for some of the NBA's and WNBA's most elite athletes. Veney relishes the opportunity to not only transform individual lives, but impact communities as well. And Keith doesn't take the responsibility lightly, for he too is on the universal journey of reaching his destiny.

Basketball & Business Experience

During his senior year at Marshall University (December 14, 1996), Keith Veney set the NCAA record for 3-point field goals made in a game with 15. The record still stands over 20 years later. He also ranks on the all-time Top 10 list for three-point field goals made (409). Establishing his place in college basketball history, along with playing professionally for the Sacramento Kings and overseas in France, Iceland, Israel, Poland and the Dominican Republic, certainly indicates Veney's basketball prowess. However, evolving from basketball player to sports executive is what has ultimately positioned him for long-term career success.

As a Business Manager for Nike Basketball, Veney's natural ability to identify key talent, build solid relationships, influence decision makers and negotiate landmark deals helped grow the business by more than 230% in just 7 years from 2001-2008, surpassing the $1 billion mark. He initiated the brand's first Kids signature shoe for Paul Pierce when he was a member of the Boston Celtics, and developed exclusive retail partnerships to drive sales with popular regional players, including: Richard Jefferson (Nets; Foot Locker), Caron Butler (Wizards; Downtown LockerRoom), and Jermaine O'Neal (Pacers; Foot Action).

Veney learned many valuable lessons as both player and executive, such as being fearless and flexible, which eventually led him down the path of entrepreneurship. His personal belief system coupled with growing confidence as a business leader allowed Keith to make room for his gifts and begin fulfilling his life purpose. This increased level of clarity manifested into Shot Doc Nation and eventually the Keith Veney Leadership Academy. For the Academy, Veney envisions an educational platform rooted in spirituality and sports, where young people ultimately become the best possible version of themselves. With holistic life skills training focused on conflict resolution, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, self awareness, proper etiquette and more, the Academy will graduate men and women of character who successfully demonstrate a transformation of mind, body and spirit.

Keith Veney is a natural born leader, on and off the basketball court. The hardwood taught him discipline and teamwork. Becoming a peer minister at age 16, revealed his true calling for serving others. His parents, married 45 years, instilled a blue collar work ethic, while his 2 older brothers made graduating from college a Veney standard. Majoring in Psychology at Marshall University, Veney became fascinated with the study of human behavior. An avid reader and active listener, his curious nature and quest for knowledge has cemented his purpose of empowering the next generation of difference makers. An adoring husband and devoted father of 2 sons, Veney is extremely passionate about life and all of its possibilities!

  • Dee (Player) "Keith just made my workouts and basketball development so much easier. You can always know that by the end of each day that you will be better."
  • Eric (Coach) "Keith is a mastermind and an expert at basketball and life development. He can get the most out of the players both on the court and off. It is a pleasure working with him to impact their lives."
  • Anthony (Parent) "My son has never had a better coaches and trainers than Keith and his team. It is not just a regular training program but rather a FAMILY that you will be a part of the rest of your life. I love being a part of this family."